Areas of Learning

The curriculum is broadly based with complete integration of the seven areas of learning.

The prime areas

1. Communication and Language

The aims of the curriculum are to help develop the whole child and to place the foundation for a happy, confident, well-adjusted, independent and educated individual.

2. Physical Development

The structured and targeted oriented curriculum for sports develops the overall physical fitness of every child.

3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children develop manners, habits and etiquette to enable healthy interaction in a range of social situations.

The specific areas

4. Literacy

Children learn to read and write at an accelerated pace, enabled by world acclaimed JOLLY PHONICS (TM) program.

5. Mathematics

Children are empowered through an innovative Math curriculum which focuses on deep understanding of concepts and their relation to real life situations using appropriate materials and manipulative. It develops reasoning, logical, mathematical, analytical and spatial.

6. Understanding the World

Children empower themselves by understanding their complex world system, both local and global, through diverse opportunities to explore, observe and record in relation to themes, people, places, technology and environment.

7. Expressive Arts and Design

Children are naturally creative and artistic and can express themselves in hundreds of creative ways. We provide an environment to manifest the natural artistic flair of every child in the field of art, music, dance, dramatics and design.