Simply put, your child’s early years lay the foundation for all education that is to come. A vital role for parents lies in the careful selection of a preschool to ensure that the program gives your child the right start to his educational career.

School readiness is one of the primary goals of preschool education. The high quality Tirthanjali Academy preschool program effectively prepares your child for the next level of education. The Academy, while acknowledging the seminal role of a high quality preschool in the accelerated development of your child, also recognizes the value of parental participation in promoting his/her social, emotional, and academic growth.

We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents, who desire a holistic education for their children in the formative years. This entails Tirthanjali Academy’s provision of a world acclaimed early childhood curriculum of international standards with contemporary teaching practices.

Our goal is always to engage the mind, build character, and encourage community because Tirthanjali Academy Playschool is so much more than a playschool, it is preparation for life.

Our mission is to launch young learners on an interesting journey of learning and ignite passion for becoming lifelong learners. We establish a strong foundation in the early years and prepare the learners for their formal schooling. This is achieved through a curriculum of international standards that is implemented by skilled mentors.
Tirthanjali Academy aims to be a world class playschool. Here, we strive to create a caring and nurturing setting for young learners where they can explore, experiment and experience the world around them in a stress free environment.


A place where your child is nurtured in the best possible way.


The founders of Tirthanjali Academy Playschool have been in the field of education for more than three decades. They have established Digamber School, Tirthanjali Play School at ManikBagh Indore and a CBSE +2 school New Digamber Public School at Khandwa Road Indore. These schools are known not only for academic standards but also for co-scholastic excellence. This branch is a new offering for Indore where the playschool experience will be at its best.