All parents want their children to involve themselves in good habits which would help them grow up as smart and organized individuals so that they always be at the top of their life’s game and shine like the brightest star. […]
Being one of the best preschools in Indore, Tirthanjali Academy is popular for its activity-based learning and International EYFS curriculum. To make preschoolers achieve excellence in higher studies, we focus on building a strong foundation for them. We aim to […]
Schools have been an integral part of a child’s education. They develop children into a literate individual. If schools have such an impact on a child’s future, imagine how effective pre-schools would be for him/her! Many parents might think that […]
Preschool years are the building blocks in a child's life. At this stage, they need parents to support to develop their potential fully. Therefore, parents should take an active role in early childhood education process. […]
Kids are full of joy and activity. These bundles of thoughts and ideas are usually enthusiastic. However, there are ones who are not too expressive. But as parents of toddlers or preschoolers we need to understand the difference between introvert […]