Healthy and nourishing food is very important for the proper growth and development of children. In the growing age, kids feel hungry at regular intervals and parents often get confused that what kind of snacks should they make? Tirthanjali Academy is here to end that confusion by listing different types of snacks that are healthy and easy to make.

Though many packaged snacks are available but they are full of refined flour, added sugars and artificial ingredients that make them quite unhealthy.

Snack time is a wonderful opportunity to add some extra nutrients into your child’s diet. Children are also fond of tasty and healthy food. So, instead of highly processed snack foods, fill your child’s appetite with whole foods that will provide energy and nutrition. Tirthanjali Academy Indore always stresses the importance of healthy food.

Children look for variety to satisfy their taste buds. Moreover, when it comes to children’s meals moms are very enthusiastic. They want their children happy to be happy and are keen on cooking palatable food for different meals of the day. Apart from the regular meals, children need something light for the school’s short break, something filling to have after school, at the same time tidbits too much on. Children are tired and hungry after school, they need to recharge and refresh themselves before they go for play or other recreational activity. Therefore, it is required to prepare something nutritious and filling when they return from playschool near you.

Easy and Healthy Indian Snacks for Kids

So, here are some kid-friendly, healthy and easy snacks that parents of Tirthanjali Academy’s kids would like to try:

  1. Thalipeeth, a very traditional Indian dish, is greatly cherished. It is nutritious and easy to make. Maharashtrian thalipeeth is a popular recipe made out of besan, jowar and whole wheat flour. It is tasty and healthy when relished with green chutney. Tirthanjali Academy playschool children would adore it.
  2. Children are always fond of variety so why not delight them with crispy rice balls. They are made of leftover rice and colourful veggies. The easy to cook deep-fried balls is a perfect alternative to store-bought fries, chips and cheese balls. The rice balls are so crispy and crunchy balls that your children will love it.
  3. Monaco biscuits are a favourite tea time snack. It tastes awesome when served in an innovative way. The stuffed Monaco biscuit Sev puri is prepared by sandwiching the biscuits with a peppy potato mixture and coating it in crunchy sev. Kids are sure to enjoy it.
  4. Mix dal chillas made with a batter of mixed dals perked up with ginger green chillies and other ingredients are truly satiating. These thin savoury pancakes are easy to make and require an hour of soaking. It can be a healthy breakfast for your children.
  5. Sprouts and fruit bhel is a healthy fruit and vegetable bhel. It is a blend of fibre-rich fibre sprouts and fruits like apple, orange and pomegranate. These nutrient-rich piquant snacks are sure to brighten your child’s mood.
  6. Sandwiches are my all-time favourite. Be it a plain sandwich or toasted/grilled one these yummy snacks are filling and easy to make. So try these varieties of sandwiches like moong dal toast, baked veg paneer sandwich, Cheese and pineapple sandwich, vegetable mayonnaise sandwich and add the extra taste to your meal. Children of kindergarten play school can also carry them in their tiffin.
  7. Parathas are irresistible and when stuffed with cheese become a special breakfast. They are certainly a break from the routine parathas and also attracts kids.
  8. The moong dal palak cheela is basically a Gujrati and Maharashtrian delight. It is made of a wholesome batter of moong dal and spinach. Fine spices like cumin boost the aroma and flavour. So, savour these crispy cheelas right off the tava. Educators in playschool in Indore would suggest parents to cook such amazing food.
  9. Pizzas loaded with cheese are appetising but often unhealthy. So, here is a nutritious Khakhra Pizza recipe that is rich with fresh veggies like cabbage and capsicum. Instead of a plain flour base, thin pizza uses crispy wheat khakhras.
  10. Idli is a popular south Indian snack but you can prepare it in a different way by using leftover idlis. Adding chunky veggies like spring onions, ginger, garlic and flavouring it with exotic sauces, this chilly idli is tongue-tickling and loved by kids and adults.
  11. Carrot Dhoklas can be a special treat for children when served with green chutney. This colourful recipe is made by mixing grated carrots in idli batter. It is a perfect short break combo.

These easy snacks can be fun making and also pleasing to the kids. So, make them a part of your cooking to enrich your taste and develop healthy eating habits among children.

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