Kids are full of joy and activity. These bundles of thoughts and ideas are usually enthusiastic. However, there are ones who are not too expressive. But as parents of toddlers or preschoolers we need to understand the difference between introvert and shy. Being quiet might also mean lack of confidence or fear to speak. Kids that feel shy usually find themselves to be lonely and that’s not a fair place to live in. It is important to understand that shyness is a personality trait and not a fault. Nevertheless, it is your job to encourage and build confidence in your little one. Here is a list of 5 things that you can do for your shy child to help them overcome that fear of expression.

Tips to Help Your Shy Child

Here are the most successful strategies to help your child overcome shyness:

Let them speak their mind.

Each individual likes to express their thoughts on their own, same is with kids. While you intend to help your kids convey their message, you actually are intervening their conversation. This makes children feel that their parents’ ideas are more important and clear than theirs. As a result, it demotivates the child and doesn’t help their confidence. Often we think giving them a gentle nudge to mingle with other kids will help but we need to understand, this makes things even more complex for them. Instead what you could do is speak and share your thoughts and ideas, once your child has finished their sentence.

Avoid criticizing and praise them for their good deeds.

If your child knows that they will be criticized for speaking their mind, they will definitely keep a tight lip. It’s obvious if someone shuts you down you would not want to speak to them. Same is the case with kids; they avoid answering your questions or sharing their problems if they feel they are judged. To overcome this situation you must not criticize your child, instead you should encourage them to share their views as it will help them with their confidence. If your child does something praise worthy, do not hesitate to compliment them. More compliments will help them get motivated to keep doing things that earned them this praise in the first place.

Creative & Interactive Activities help the kids to boost their confidence

Prepare them to face the world outside

Your child might not be comfortable talking to others but when he grows up this could become one of his fears. As a parent of a child who is shy, your efforts need to be a little more. You need to prepare your child to face others. You should also stay nearby if your child is being introduced to strangers. You might have to explain the child about the scenario beforehand so that they are prepared and feel at ease.

Do a Self Examination

Do not expect something from your child that you can’t do yourself. Being a parent of a shy kid you must have noticed that they observe you more and try to mimick. So if you are friendly and kind with people you meet, you will actually act as a role model to your kids. They will gradually become more comfortable while talking to strangers, who could be their classmates.

Do not rush into things

Give your child the time and space they need to open up. As pushing things too quickly and expecting them to become extrovert in a day will not work. You need to make wise decisions while preparing your child to meet and talk with outsiders. You can try changing one or two things at a time. So lets say, if you invited a guest with their child to your home, let your kid gel up with them first, then you can take them go out into a playarea, for them to adjust with the change in environment and then you can invite another child to join in. This way your child gets time to be comfortable with new faces and new environment.

It is very important to choose a good preschool for your kid to remove the shyness of your kid and make them school-ready


These were a few advices on how to help your shy child. There could be many other reasons for your child to feel shy. However, with these tips you can gently persuade and help them to lead a happy and healthy childhood. This will certainly equip them to lead a confident life as a grownup.

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