Every parent wants their kid’s birthday party to be an exciting, fun and memorable event that does not give too much load on their pockets. But making these parties as entertaining for kids as letting them run around in a playground has never been easier. The one trick to do that is keeping the kids occupied and engaged even when they are inside the house and you might need some amazingly fun indoor party games and activities for that. If your indoor party games are making the kids laugh, having them entertained and engaged. Then it is surely a great party. In order to be fully prepared, we will be helping you with a few indoor party activities to keep kids excited for parties all year long.

These indoor party games are going to make your party or the one that you are the host of, a smashing hit without even having to spend any extra penny on supplies related to the games and activities. Below are some indoor party games that may require a few supplies but all of them are very common objects that you probably might be having laying there in your house. Also, there is no need to be afraid while improvising if you have a similar object and you can still consider playing that game with a slight variation. There are probabilities that your guests will not even notice the changes you made.

This list of easy indoor party games by Tirthanjali Academy Playschool is perfect for the kids of all ages and you are allowed to often add variations to make them more fun for even younger children as they will be perfect for family birthday parties, too.

Best Indoor Party Games For Kids

Here are the top indoor party games that your kids will enjoy a lot:

1. Treasure Hunt

Prep time – 10-15 minutes

Hours of entertainment: 30 minutes

Things you will need: A decorated shoebox, chocolates, candies for prizes, a series of clues which can be written messages or actual objects that should be understandable for the kids and small enough to be hidden.

How to play – Kids can play in a group or solo. They can work together to find a series of hints that guides them to the hidden treasure that you will hide all-around your house before the beginning of the party.

2. Balloon tennis

Prep time – 5-10 minutes

Hours of entertainment: 15-20 minutes

Things you will need: Balloons, paper plates, plastic spoons and sticky tapes.

How to play – Paper plates and plastic spoons are made as tennis bats with the help of sticky tape and kids are then asked to toss the balloons around with them. The one who is able to keep it in the air for the longest wins.

3. Indoor hopscotch

Prep time – 5-10 minutes

Hours of entertainment: 30-60 minutes

Things you will need: Chalk or sticky tape, cardboard piece

How to play – Just draw or tape off nine squares using the chalk or tape on the floor and write numbers on each of them. Make the kids put a small cardboard piece on one square in order, then, ask them to hop on the squares by only leaving the one with the cardboard piece on it.

4. Musical chairs

Prep time – 5 minutes

Hours of entertainment: 30 minutes

Things you will need: Multiple chairs

How to play – In musical chairs activity, arrange the chairs per child and then play music as they revolve around them. When the music stops, the kids will sit on the chairs quickly. Remove a chair in each round. The last kid with the last remaining chair wins!

These were the most popular indoor party games for kids by Tirthanjali Academy Playschool which helps to improve the motor skills, concentration and speed of the kids. Do try these indoor games in your next party and share your experience in the comments below.

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