Preschool years are the building blocks in a child’s life. At this stage, they need parents to support to develop their potential fully. Therefore, parents should take an active role in early childhood education process. Parents are the first teacher of a child. The children with their parents can learn in a more positive and intimate environment. Their involvement with children can boost up their morale and confidence which helps them perform better in school.

At the toddler age, the brain of a child develops rapidly with 700 to 1000 new neural connections forming every second. Therefore, at this stage, it is important to instill and nurture executive functioning skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution and task persistence that help to concentrate and focus.

Parents Role in Early Childhood Education

Here are the roles of parents in the early education of childhood:

1. Parents need to establish a connection between preschool learning and self-teaching. Parents’ support and guidance is the key component of a child’s development and further learning. Regular touch with preschool near you can help the child.

2. Parents’ engagement with children in early childhood education can extend the experiences that a child has in the classroom to real-world activities that take place at home. A parent who is aware of what the child is learning at preschool knows better the child’s ability and competency and which areas they need to improve upon. Preschool near me will give a report of the child’s performance.

3. Parents can help children in their early childhood by establishing communication between the child care center. Their involvement in children’s learning process can make a positive impact on their learning ability. The parents should take an interest in how the child care center operates and interact with the educators. The parents can also participate in their child’s preschool. They should first visit the preschool near them to understand their functioning.

4. They can help with some project or read a story. Once the parents are aware of what is taught in the classroom, they can suggest topics that can be incorporated in the preschool near you. Parents should make an effort to develop a child’s motor skills, language development, behavior management skills to cultivate further skills and talents in children.

5. Parents should inculcate routines in children that enable habit formation and time management. Helping a child maintaining a time table for homework and play will help in streamlining the child’s overall development.

6. Parents must engage children in fun and interesting activities. Reciting rhymes and songs about numbers, playing floor games can be exciting for children. To inculcate practical learning, you can ask children at the grocery store to read out prices and quantities. This way teaching becomes different and children become agile. Encourage and motivate children for their tasks so that they develop self-esteem. Build their strengths and work on their weaknesses. A reward system can help children concentrate and finish their tasks.

7. Parents can help their children in early childhood education by reading stories aloud, establishing a reading routine. This will help to improve their vocabulary, sentence construction, and communication skills. Preschool near you also focuses on such exercises for children.

8. The parents should give minute details about the toddler’s life to her caretaker such as language, family traditions, sleep patterns, etc. This will help educators in play school know the child better.

9. Put a child in a challenging situation. He will learn from mistakes and deal with problems on his own. To make the child responsible assign simple chores to your toddler, such as putting clothes in the laundry basket, watering the plants, cleaning up the indoors, organizing books on the rack. This will prepare the child for preschool near you.

10. Parents should inculcate discipline in the child and reprimand the child for wrongdoing. Prepare your child to deal with conflicts on their own because you won’t always be available to rescue him.

At this tender age, the child imbibes a parent very fast. A child believes whatever a parent says. Therefore, it is important to be a positive role model for your child. This way he will be updated and equipped with the required knowledge, strategies to leap forward in his educational journey.

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