During the difficult time of this ‘not-so-soon-leaving’ pandemic, a lot of kids have been thrown into the role of staying at home and doing homeschooling without any preparation time and warning. When paired with the tasks of their daily life as well as the worry of these uncertain times, it all may become a little overwhelming for them.

In such situations, activities for preschoolers make learning easy and fun. Parents and guardians find preschool activities very effective and engaging as they teach their kids everything from the alphabet to math to science, senses and what not! A list of preschool activities for kids would certainly help you organise simple, fun, entertaining and affordable ways to make your children engage, learn, explore and imagine. The fun part for you here is that you would be probably having most or almost all of the supplies at your home.

Preschool Activities for Kids

If you are looking for hands-on preschool activities for your little children to have fun with, you will want to check out the list below:

1. Cotton Ball Painting

Things you will need – Cotton roll, water colours, drawing sheet and glue

Procedure – Make your kids imagine beautiful scenery in their minds and then ask them to start making cotton balls from the cotton roll or bundle. Then, glue those balls according to the imagined scenery. After that, ask them to colour those balls with their imagination. Let’s say if it is a scene with clouds, greenery and home, let them pick colours of their choice and paint freely no matter what the actual colour of the landscape is.

2. Clay Dough

Things you will need – Playing colourful clay and toothpicks

Procedure – Children will learn how to knead things up. Make them form different shapes out of the colourful clay dough and help them stick those formed pieces together with toothpicks or draw out eyes, nose and mouth with the same.

3. Rock Animals

Things you will need – Pebbles and stones, water colours, beads

Procedure – Help your kids to pick some pebbles and stones from any garden or backyard. Make sure they are of different sizes and shapes and not that sharp. Kids should be asked to remove the dirt by washing and cleaning them properly in order to make use of them. Then, make them colour and draw different animals on those rocks and stick beads as eyes and nose. In this way, children will learn the names of different animals and begin to identify all of them.

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4. Fingerprint Art

Things you will need – Acrylic colours, a drawing sheet and of course your palm!

Procedure – This could be a very interesting and fun preschooler activity. Open all the lids of the colour paint bottles and ask your kids to dip their fingers in various colours. Now make them print their fingers on the drawing sheet. They will observe several shapes with their differently sized fingerprints. They can also use palms if they seem to enjoy the whole exciting mess that follows.

5. Collage Making

Things you will need – Old magazines, comics and papers, glue, pencil, drawing sheet

Procedure – Avoid scissors in this activity as that is where all the fun begins. Children will draw any cartoon character, scenery, animal etc of their choice on the drawing sheet. Then they will cut different shapes from the old magazines, comics or newspapers into an indefinite shape and size. Now with the help of glue, they will stick those collage pieces on their respective shapes matching with the original colour of that particular animal, cartoon character or scenery.

All these preschooler activities are something that your kids will definitely enjoy and will also get them out of their boredom in summers.

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