The childhood phase is important in the cognitive, social, emotional development of a child according to development experts. At this stage, the brain develops very fast. The whole process of raising children in the early years determines his or her adulthood.

Raising Children – The Easy & Perfect Way

Correctly raising children is very essential, here are the tips by Tirthanjali Academy:

1. Train your child in the early years

You should give your child head start in the early years. By involving in certain activities, one can maximize loving responsiveness and minimize stress. By talking, singing and gesturing a lot, using number games and rhythm, enabling and encouraging three-dimensional competencies, and cultivating a love of learning, one can help in the proper development of the child. This will help him get admission in play school near you.

2. Establish communication with your child

A study reveals that children who have more conversations at home have enhanced brain activity and verbal attitude. Developing communication with a child develops strong verbal skills. Listening to the child develops his facility for language. In addition to this, asking questions can arouse interest rather than engaging in one-way narration.

3. Spare time with your kid reading

Reading books is one of the most interesting activities that make kids smart. Start reading with your child. This will give him a boost to develop language skills as well as develop a reading habit. When the child will join preschool near you, he will become a better reader.

4. Provide kids with toys

Toys are most dear to children. The best toys for young children may not necessarily be expensive. Give such toys that can be played more than one way – those that help your child to have fun in various activities and cultivate their imagination. Play schools like Tirthanjali Academy are also flooded with toys to amuse children.

5. Give love and attention to your child

Neuroscientists say that loving, hugging, interacting and playing with your child has a positive influence on the development of the child. The loving bond created between you and your kid paves the way for his bright future.

Parents who are honest caregivers respond to their child’s needs promptly and provide a stronger foundation in the phase of raising children. Unfortunately, babies who were not cuddled, played and loved have stunted brain growth. Moreover, babies who did not receive love and attention had poor growth and became depressed.

6. Cultivate reading in children

A good reading habit brings many benefits to your child. It is one of the most productive hobbies you can develop for your child for him to grow up better. Reading builds your child’s knowledge. The more your child learns from reading, the more inquisitive he becomes. Being an early reader, a child can grasp complex subjects later in life.

7. Develop the habit of exercise in children

Exercise helps in proper blood circulation in the body. Exercise has a positive effect on kids developing brains. Physical exercise makes your kid strong and healthy.

8. Harness your child’s creativity

Children are naturally creative. Though some children are genetically more talented than others. Some of the ways to nurture creativity include making tools like paper and paint available for him.

9. Give a nutritious diet to children

Healthy diet is one of the most important aspect of raising children. A diet rich with proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins will make the child physically and mentally strong. A healthy diet improves a child’s attention, alertness, and thinking.

10. Be a role model to your child

Parents have some qualities like humility, self-awareness, and honesty. They can be a child’s role model by encouraging them to follow such traits. Nobody is perfect and all learn from mistakes.

11. Admire your kids for their hard work

Praising your child for their hard work helps to build their confidence and self-esteem. Praising the child intermittently will help them realize their self-worth.

12. Stop your child from excessive television

Too much TV watching can kill the creativity of the child and may hamper his brain development. When a child is glued to the television his playing, socializing and reading habits are restricted. Also, discourage your child from using tablets and smartphones.

13. Make your child caring

Educate the importance of caring for children so they become better human beings. Teach them the value of fairness and justice.

14. Discuss world problems

Discuss world problems with your child. Readout newspapers, magazines to start a conversation. Make them aware of things happening around the world.

15. Engage your child with productive computer games

Computer games teach your kids about letters, math, music, phonics and many others. It develops his hand-eye coordination and makes him familiar with the technology. Video games can make learning fun and also positively train the child.

16. Help your child to develop intrinsic qualities

Apart from innate talent or intelligence, develop qualities like hard work, perseverance, and stamina in your child to pursue long term goals to achieve success. To make the child ready for the future and develop grit, share them your own negative experiences.

17. Develop the habit of work among children

Motivate the child to do simple tasks putting the toy in the box, setting the table. When the kids grow up they can perform chores like cleaning up the dishes, taking out the garbage or vacuum- clean the house. All these activities make the child responsible and a good team player.

18. Help your child to express

A child must have a proper outlet to express his thoughts and emotions. This will make him emotionally strong and socially adjustable. Moreover, it will enhance his ability to build great relationships and develop empathy apart from intelligence.

19. Narrate stories to your child

Tell your child about your own life experiences, your childhood stories. This will equip him to face life. Narrating interesting things you experienced at work or outside the house can develop the communication skills of the child which is required in school and the workplace. Talk to your child about how you deal with your problems so that they can overcome future roadblocks.

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