Being one of the best preschools in Indore, Tirthanjali Academy is popular for its activity-based learning and International EYFS curriculum. To make preschoolers achieve excellence in higher studies, we focus on building a strong foundation for them. We aim to flourish every child’s social, intellectual, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment by providing them with exceptional care.

We, the top play school in Indore, believe that before the age of 6, the core skills required for a successful, productive life can be learned and fostered by the children. Interpersonal skills like communication, learning and emotional development are developed during these formative years and thus, the age criteria for class Nursery is 2 years 6 months, for KG-I is 3 years 6 months, for KG-II is 4 years 6 months. We nurture each child to reach his or her full potential in the terms of creativity, intellectual, social and independent self in our safe and caring environment. This is the reason parents enrol with us to give their children the best platform for kids schooling.

Why Choose Tirthanjali Academy Playschool?

The latest research shows that high quality, early childhood education and care programmes have long term impacts on children in their kindergarten years. The research estimates constantly encourage that higher number of qualified staff, lower staff to child ratio and smaller group sizes are a few things that are necessary for the establishment of the relationships with children and parents to optimise children’s learning and growth. Tirthanjali Academy, the best pre-primary school in Indore, qualifies all of these qualities.

Our core features include:

  • Pleasant teachers
  • Beautiful place
  • Affordable plans
  • Natural learning
  • Daily meals
  • Our teachers

We believe that it is very crucial to have qualified staff to provide high-quality education to students. That is the reason, our teachers make a friendly environment and appropriate developmental programme that meets the individual needs of every child. According to recent research, the more qualified staff a school has, the more will be the care, development and learning of children. We have well-trained teachers with high qualifications, who are selected for their educational background and experience in early childhood education.

Our Classrooms

Tirthanjali Academy provides SMART Classrooms to its students. They are specially designed for keeping every child in mind. Each room is tiled to provide everything from art to eating and crawling around. Colourful instructing charts promote active learning with the guidance of teachers throughout the day. Our classrooms use whiteboards, toys, books, computers and games to imbibe the educational learning in the kids.

Our Approach

Our curriculum is designed with an approach established keeping in mind the fact about the first five years of a child’s life growth. It is designed for kids in a way to set off the exploration of the world and to make them understand their place in it through a nurturing, safe, responsive and stimulating environment.

Our Safety Concern

To continue with your child’s safety, regular maintenance and sanitization of all materials, classrooms and the facility both inside and outside the campus is taken care of. We are also following all the safety standards enforced by the government.

Your Kid’s Fitness and Nutrition

We are extremely concerned about your child’s good health and his/her physical development and growth. Thus, daily meals including all kinds of nutrition are provided to the students. We also have secured playgrounds designed for students’ fun and daily exercise.

Our Achievements

Tirthanjali Academy has an Internationally Acclaimed British EYFS Curriculum. It has received three National Awards for, “Leading Preschool of Central India”, “Quality of Curriculum” and “Nature-Friendly Preschools”. It is one of the renowned preschools in Indore, MP.

These are the reasons why Tirthanjali Academy is the best playschool for your kid in   Indore.

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